Agency Company Registered

Quality First, Customer First

Qeebey adheres to the operation principle of "Customer the first, service uppermost". With professional and fast service, let customers rest assured and be satisfied, the company has high-quality professional talents, familiar with tax procedures, corporate investment consulting and other professional services. Qeebey will work together with customers to create a better future based on the working principle of "efficient, fast, professional and honest".

Labor agency fee: $775.00
The agency company needs to pay a certain amount of labor agency fee to handle the company registration for you, generally ranging from $775.00 to $1550.00. The service includes name verification, business license, seal, bank account setup!

Company seals fee: $80.00 per one
At present, the seals carved are normally anti-counterfeiting chip seals (including official seal, financial seal, legal person seal, contract seal, invoice special seal; Contract seal and invoice special seal can be selected according to your own needs)

Bank account opening fee: $465.00
Bank account opening fee includes handling fee, online banking annual fee, small account management fee, receipt counter management fee, etc.

Salary of accounting staff: $310.00-$775.00 / month
Full-time on-duty accounting: $465.00- $775.00 / month (excluding social security, year-end bonus, holiday fee, transportation telephone fee subsidy, etc.);
Regular billing company: $310.00-$155.00 / month (without any additional fees and invisible costs)