Charge and Income


As for charging, our price is more reasonable. From now on, platform service fee of members will be charged annually in the form of membership fee (5% of the transaction amount);
Non platform members will be charged 10% of the transaction amount as service fee after each order is completed.


The platform provides part-time jobs of promotion for each user. Those who successfully register through the sharing platform link can contact customer service’s QQ to send a screenshot of promotion channels and promotion steps, and get the first quarter members of the platform as a gift; those who successfully introduce users and sign bills through the sharing platform link can contact customer service’s QQ to send platform ID to get commission (2% of the transaction amount)%)

Corporation Processes

Accurate matching of high quality projects

Qeebey strives to dig out and help users in need to release projects on the platform. Every project has been professionally and strictly audited to ensure that the project information is clear, true and effective. According to the selected skill tag of the service provider, the project is accurately matched, and new projects are pushed in time to promote cooperation more effectively.

Fund custody and agreement guarantee

The platform provides project fund guarantee service for each project, and the demander needs to trust the project contract payment to the platform in advance; before the two parties establish cooperation, they need to sign a cooperation agreement to protect the interests of both parties. After the acceptance work of the demander is passed, the platform trusteeship fund will be released to the account of the service provider, and the two sides do not have to worry about the safety and security problems in the process of cooperation.

Project supervision and dispute settlement

Adhering to the principles of fairness, openness and impartiality, the platform effectively monitors and professionally manages each project to ensure the normal operation of the project; for the disputed project contracts, the platform collects strong evidence from a professional perspective for the first time, and provides intimate coordination and processing services for both parties, so as to ensure the transaction cooperation in the whole process, which is safer and less worry.

Member privilege scheme

We will start Qeebey quality service provider program and gather service providers with high-quality development capability. To become a member of Qeebey, we will give priority to display and recommend on the platform to obtain the clues of business opportunities of value-added projects provided by the platform; light up the identity of members, enjoy the discount of platform service fee, and carry out value-added services such as special page display and promotion resources.

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