Gateway Development

Multi-Function Payment System

Qeebey is devoted to creating payment system that integrates functions like collection and payment、funds clearing and settlement 、account management 、risk control and financial service to SME to meet their personalized needs of data security, regulatory compliance, and internal business system integration .Our intelligent, flexible and scalable platform quickly and easily unites everything and everyone in your digital ecosystem across gateways, merchants and platforms.
Our professional technical team with many years of payment and software development experience, is skilled in system and gateway construction as well as other payment services.

We adopt advanced technology framework to ensure security and stability of the system. The platform supports multi-level business operations of institution service providers, agents, and merchants to meet their business development needs. With integrated processing data query module, the platform can conduct the statistics from different dimensions, providing powerful data support for institution service providers, merchants, and other operating platforms.

We provide 24/7 global service network/hotline/email support and the best prerequisite to find solutions to your challenges.