Enterprise Website Development

Customized Design for Corporate

Qeebey has rich experience in large-scale enterprises and innovative venture capital projects at home and abroad, providing corporate image design and professional website platform custom design and technology development services.
The enterprise website is powerful, rich and straightforward, with its own online marketing and product promotion functions, easy to add, delete and modify functions, and supports code embedding and secondary development.
This product covers more than 95% of the needs of corporate website construction. It can be combined with business characteristics, product and service specialty for rapid custom development, has high scalability, and has reserved many module interfaces for B2B, B2C e-commerce websites, which can be customized according to customer needs.

Features and Advantages:
Information management
Information management is to manage the entire process of the information published by the site. It includes many links such as column management, information collection, review and publishment. The column structure for each site is displayed in a tree-like manner in the system. The hierarchical structure is clear at a glance. The administrator can freely create multi-level sub-columns and define the attributes of the columns. The system can set the information maintenance process of each column to multiple links such as collection, editing, and review through role definition. At the same time, the system supports visual document editing, provides complete document multi-version control, and provides users to modify document records.
Multiple security protection
Adopt ASP.NET security technology framework to automatically generate static pages to improve security. At the same time, the system has a stand-alone login license system to strictly prevent hacking and pirated websites. The system has strong scalability, and multiple security plug-ins can be installed to make the website background solid as iron.
Intelligent analysis of statistical information management
Safely implement graphical intelligent analysis and statistics based on comprehensive data such as website information, columns, click-through rates, and website traffic. Can provide accurate release statistics, click statistics, order statistics, user statistics, download statistics, traffic analysis and other functions.
Function plugin
The system provides a large number of function plug-ins, users can arbitrarily split and combine according to their needs and call them flexibly. It saves the user a lot of complicated work of self-development and greatly speeds up the creation. The main functions are user management, download center, forum, order management, advertising management, online recruitment, user management, online message, online survey, etc.
System Management
The system has a multi-layered separation of rights management system for users, rights, roles, and objects, which realizes a decentralized management system for sub-sites, sub-columns, and sub-objects, and off-site maintenance work is distributed to all functional departments and positions. The system administrator is responsible for system basic settings and operation monitoring. Can carry out system authority management, site management, data backup, system parameter setting, log management, etc.