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About us

About us

Qeebey is a platform connecting developers and users quickly through an intelligent matching system which provides software and professional consulting service including but not limited to: enterprise website development, P2P system development, WeChat Alipay payment interface application, shopping cart development, payment plugin development, WeChat mini program development, secondary system development, LOGO design. Qeebey has more than 30,000 developers, serving more than 5,000 start-ups and users. For the whole process from the requirements of analyzation, design scheme to product launch, Qeebey will provide professional services and supervision throughout the process to ensure the quality of the project, improve the efficiency of software delivery, protect the rights and interests of users, and help the software development industry achieve efficient resource matchmaking.


• Standard API interface, easy access to third party’s designated datasource, break the barrier of channel data

• Integrate user data, consumption data, behavioral data, after-sales data, product data; Standardize data formats, synchronize online and offline data sharing, and accumulate data assets

• Identify users across the network and locate the same user across multiple channels, making in-depth data mining and big data analysis possible

• Improve user fields (phone number, WeChat ID, email, etc.) through customized marketing activities

• Multi-channel marketing data feedback, synchronously updated to the data warehouse, constantly enriching user fields

• Customize user rating rules based on consumption ability, activity and other dimensions

• Dynamically display 11 subdivided user groups preset by the system based on RFM model

• Attribute tags + dynamic behavioral tags, comprehensively enrich user portraits

• Dynamically locate target customers and initiate a precision marketing campaign at any time

• User analysis: growth trends, channel preferences, consumer preferences, etc.

• Order analysis: channel influence, best-selling products, customer ticket price, etc.

• Channel analysis: sending trends, conversion funnels, active users, etc.

• Support comparative analysis of multiple marketing activities to make the activity performance clear at a glance

• Multi-dimensional custom cross-analysis to form meaningful marketing insights for the business

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