Mini Program Development

No Need for an Installation

About Mini program:
Mini program is a program that can be used without downloading and installing.
Available at any time, but there is no need to install and uninstall. The volume is very small, each one does not exceed 1M.
Less trouble to install APP.

Mini program access process:
Register the Mini program on the WeChat public platform. After the registration is completed, information can be improved and developed synchronously. Fill in the basic information of the Mini program, including name, avatar, introduction and service scope. After completing the Mini program developer binding and development information configuration, the developer can download the developer tools and refer to the development documentation to develop and debug the Mini program. After completing the development of the Mini program, you can submit the code to the WeChat team for review, and you can publish it after passing the review.
The framework provides a rich WeChat native API, which can easily call up the capabilities provided by WeChat, such as obtaining user information, local storage, and payment functions.