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Partner recruitment

If you are in your thirties with your own life and work experiences;

If you are eager to have a career of your own;

If you have the passion to start a business, or have had the pain of failure to start a business;

If you are still yearning for independent and free development like entrepreneurship mode, but considering the reality, which let you can't abandon everything to start a business;

Then, you are the partner Qeebey is looking for.

Let's join hands to gain success with your independence, self-motivation and Qeebey's platform.

Part time staff recruitment:

Are you tired of the city's high-rise buildings, smoky environment and eager to return to the natural life? Are you worried about the income if you return to the n-line City?

Do you yearn for a free working space?


Dont need to crowd in the cubicle from nine to five and spend the time waiting for bus or subway. You can keep fit, watch American TV series, and work at home comfortably;


If you can manage yourself, dont want to be an ordinary white-collar worker, like to have an in-depth understanding of customers' business and put forward reasonable suggestions for customers, or help them realize business value, then please don't hesitate to send your resume.


As long as you take this step, send your resume, we will approach you.