Easy and fast to release requirements

Professional project consultants help to sort out the needs for free, and the project release can be completed in a few simple steps

Many excellent developers

Professional and strict information audit and certification mechanism adopted to select service provider can gather a large number of outstanding talents and select the right developers.

Flexible and efficient online employment

Get rid of the traditional mode of employment and outsourcing, fixed price, hourly salary system or on-site type, our mode is more flexible , efficient and cost saving.

Project development with high quality and sufficient quantity

Sign the contract and pay according to the acceptance of the submitted work, so as to ensure the satisfactory quality of the project.

Corporation Processes


Register an account and release projects for free

Register your account and choose to release freely or by appointment


After account approved ,user can select the right developer

Check the project status in the workbench and select the bidders after the platform approved


Send the contract and trust the project fund

After communication, you can choose to send different types of contracts base on the actual situation


The service provider confirms the contract and cooperation established

The service provider confirms to accept the contract, that is, to establish cooperation and to start the work


Acceptance of work and pay remuneration

Receive the work results submitted by the service provider, complete the acceptance and pay the remuneration in time


Contract closed after work done, both parties make comments

After the completion of the work, contract will be closed. The two sides should give the other party real and meaningful cooperation evaluation.

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